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Richard Dillman
(1) 317 586 2365
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Greater New York City Area


SF Bay Area

I'm a seasoned web developer with a passion for building applications that help people connect elegantly, seamlessly, and securely with the things that matter to them. Most of my recent work has been front-end — examples coming soon, or ask me now. I bring a deep familiarity with older standards and an in-depth knowledge of usability, graceful degradation, cross-browser methodologies, and Section 508 requirements.

But I am not unfamiliar with the back-end, primarily PHP and Cold Fusion for scripting, and all the various flavors of SQL. Triggers, views, stored procedures, I know when to use them and can explain their differences. I am familiar with the new toys and the really really old ones too.

I don't claim to be a graphic designer, but my skills in design tools and early training as an artist allow me to communicate easily with the design team, smoothing the transformation from concept to product. I don't need someone else to Photoshop for me; I have been a certified instructor.

I also love long walks along the beach (really!), healthy eating (Novick, Fuhrman, Esselstyn for starters), games (World of Warcraft, Diablo, Settlers of Catan), gardening, and sculpting. I also care greatly about helping kids; one of my proudest moments was in being recognized by the Indiana Department of Children's Services for my website work, which they credited with cutting in half a foster kid's average wait to be adopted.